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San Miguel Street jpg.jpg

T1  San Miguel Street

Faroe Island Village 3 jpg.jpg
Montalcino Street jpg.jpg

T3  Montalcino Street

T21 Piazza Garibaldi Montalcino jpg.jpg

T21 Piazza Garibaldi


T7  Faroe Islands Village 3

Maine Fishing Dock jpg.jpg

T2  Maine Fishing Dock

Geresole Reale jpg.jpg

T6  Girasole Real

Nor Fishing Shed jpg.jpg

T9  Norwegian Fishing Dock

Newfoundland Village 1 jpg.jpg

T10  Newfoundland Village 1

Faroe Island 1 jpg.jpg

T4  Faroe Islands Village 1

Church Piazza jpg.jpg

T12  Church Piazza

Spruce Tree House jpg.jpg

T13  Spruce Tree House-Mesa Verde

One Lane Bridge jpg .jpg

T11  One Lane Bridge

Montepulciano Plaza jpg.jpg
Street Curve jpg.jpg

T8  Street Curve

Square Tower House jpg.jpg

T15  Square Tower House-Mesa Verde

T22 Montepulciano Plaza

Riomaggiore jpg.jpg

T14  Rio Maggiore

Basilica di Superga  Turin jpg.jpg
Piazza S. Domenico.jpg
Siracusa Courtyard jpg.jpg

T16  Balisica Superga-Turin

T17 Piazza S. Domenico Erice Sicily

T18  Siracusa Courtyard

Lighthouse 1 jpg.jpg
Green Red Street.jpg
Fishing Shed jpg.jpg

T19  Lighthouse

T20 Green Red Street

T5  Fishing Shed

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